Friday, March 9, 2012

Super Tuesday

Photo Highlights from Tuesday

More fun with Dr. Seuss:  After reading Ten Apples Up on Top, Caraline suggested this fun activity. They had the best time trying to balance apples on their heads! I loved watching them. Littlest balanced one and Big Boy and Big Girl balanced two!

We also had a civics lesson on voting. The kids accompanied Daddy and Mommy to the polls on Super Tuesday and witnessed a primary first hand. This is their third time going with us. We want our children to appreciate what a special privilege it is to vote.

Littlest and I saw our friend, Great Blue Heron, Tuesday afternoon. What made this sighting extra special is that Mr. Heron decided ever so kindly to fly over to the side of the pond where we were standing. Usually, he keeps his distance. He didn't, however,  catch his dinner while we quietly watched. It's a special treat for all of us when he does!


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