Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nature Highlights

I wanted to highlight a few of our favorite outdoor activities from this week. I am linking this post with Homegrown Learners Collage Friday here.

1. We witnessed the birth of a colt this week! You can read about our experience here!
2. Each child picked out their own flower seeds to plant on Monday. We have sunflowers, morning glories,  impatiens and cosmos. We also began preparing our garden for planting.
3. Fishing! We visited my family in south AL this weekend. Catch and release fishing is always a big part of our trip!
4. On our way home we stretched our legs at one of our favorite state parks ~ my husband's fabulous idea!


  1. Fun weekend, Hope! I love the pictures of the colt being born.... what an amazing opportunity for you all.

    See -- you should have taken with you after co op on Thursday! ha!!

    Thanks for linking! :-)

    1. Thank you =) I do wish A. could've been with us. I'm sure she will be able to witness a foal's birth now that she's a ranch hand, too!

      It's fun linking up!

  2. What a great week! I loved all the pictures of your little fishermen (and lady)!

    1. Thanks, Lara! I'm getting a fishing license for GA (hopefully) tomorrow.... Glad we were able to spend Wednesday with you and T. =)


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