Saturday, March 24, 2012

Morning Glory Hideaway...

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This morning Daddy and I set out with the little ones to buy supplies for their Morning Glory* Teepee Hideaway! We were inspired by the fabulous book pictured below.

 The author has so many imaginative ideas to add to the sense of wonder of childhood. I absolutely love it! (Last year, we made a vegetable pizza garden- an idea from this book!)

Back to our project....we modified the directions just a tad. Morning Glories weren't the featured plant, moon flowers were. Big Guy's favorites are Morning Glories, that's why we chose to use them. Bamboo poles or 6ft. 2x2's were recommended. We couldn't find bamboo poles so we opted for 2x2's.
We used (5) 8 foot 2x2's and Daddy bolted the the first two together. We tied twine around those two and began placing 2x2's one at a time and slip knot tying all together tightly as they were added. So, we'd have three and tie all three together, add another and tie all four together and so on.... Once, all five were in place, Daddy used twine to weave a support in between the 2x2's 8 inches apart for the Morning Glories to branch out on, as suggested in Roots, Shoots, Buckets and Boots.

We thought a little extra stability was needed so Daddy used tent stakes to tie down three of the sides. It seems much sturdier now.
And lastly, we planted Big Guy's Morning Glories he grew indoors from seeds a couple of weeks ago. Now, to let them grow, grow, grow and imagine, imagine, imagine....


*The morning glory package states the "seeds are for planting purposes only". I cautioned my kids about eating the flowers or seeds...


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