Friday, March 16, 2012

Highlights of the Week!

Highlights Monday-Thursday! I am linking up with Mary @ Homegrown Learners  for Collage Friday!

1. Our dear friend, Miss A, returned recently from a two year mission to Mali, West Africa. She spent the evening with us on Monday. It was so good to catch up and listen as she shared some of her amazing experiences with us. (Notice the African gifts she brought back for the children: African drums and a handmade doll with baby and purse. Daddy and I were blessed with gifts, too!) The dress Big Girl has on is a gift Miss A mailed to us during her first year in Africa. She shared the sweetest story of how she spent three hours with the tailor and had an opportunity to share Christ with him!)
 Later that night, we took Miss A out for a birthday celebration at our favorite Japanese restaurant. We had a great conversation with our chef-about simplicity and necessity - all stemming from Miss A's work in Africa. A great lesson for the children and reminder for Mommy and Daddy.  We are so thankful for this sweet young lady and the example and witness she is for Christ.

2. Littlest (nearly four years old) working on a new computer based learning program, Time 4 Learning, independently outside. We are reviewing this program, and so far, it has been a good addition for all three to our homeschool. Now, this is Littlest first pc based learning and it's a hit. After 30 seconds he was a pro with the mouse! (He has used iPad apps with great success.) We also began a 2 week free trial of Reading Eggs for the kids. It's a lot of fun, also.

3. We take advantage of learning outside. It's good for the soul and mind. Early morning math on the picnic table, with sweet puppy and PJ's just can't be beat. I do hope you take advantage of beautiful days and spend as much time as possible in creation.

4. Our friend, Kathy, was able to get us tickets to Legoland Discovery Center's ribbon cutting ceremony and children's parade! We made posters for the parade on Wednesday. Here's my Big Guy's creation. Daddy helped come up with the slogans! 

5. Thursday is our co-op day. This is my Big Guy's Nature Detectives class. I am teaching this class and it is so much fun! In this picture, they are studying flowers with magnifying glasses (each child has an azalea bloom on their clipboard) and water painting what they see. Co-op is a huge blessing to ALL of us!

 Thursday night the whole family stayed in the big city. Daddy and I wanted to make Friday as memorable as possible (and save a few moments of morning sleep). We chose a hotel near Legoland Discovery Center with an indoor pool! We spent a little more than two hours swimming Thursday evening. It was great! Then we walked through the mall and at a late dinner. We were so pooped at this point that the thought of walking back to our hotel was daunting. So, we called a shuttle to pick us up! Our driver was from Cameroon, Africa and such a nice man! Caraline shared the story of our Miss A with him! Again, Miss A was a great conversation starter!

Friday morning, we made the short drive to the mall and enjoyed a pre-celebration at Belk. Our day was extra special having Mary and her two kids there and seeing Kathy's two little ones, also! Everyone paraded through the mall with signs held high to the ribbon cutting ceremony. We were in the back and didn't actually see the ribbon being cut, but we did walk through it! Once inside Legoland nothing was off limits. The kids were able to explore and enjoy all Legoland had to offer. It was a wonderful treat! We are so glad Daddy got to experience it with us!

I really need to brag on our Big Guy! While playing on the zip-line, he made sure that ALL the children got their fair turn. Not only that, he would help the smaller kids get on the zip-line and if they got stuck half way down, no worries he was quick to the rescue! I am so proud of him!

And all three did a great job looking after each other! It was CROWDED in the beginning. I am so thankful for the love, concern and even loyalty they have for one another!


  1. Popping over from Collage Friday to say the Leggo Land trip looks like a lot of fun. :)

    PS Welcome to my blog.

    Well done Big Boy on demonstrating excellent Character.

  2. Hi Hope,

    The Lego Land trip looks like it was a lot of fun. We are scheduled to go next week for a group trip. You have me so excited now.

    1. Yay! We enjoyed ourselves for sure! I would love to hear about your trip!

  3. You inspire me.... I'm so glad we are friends and can go through this journey together. Between the two of us we keep each other feeling that we're doing what is best for our children! :-)

    1. YOU inspire me!! I am thankful for you and our friendship and I couldn't agree more! Looking forward to hearing about your vacation!! We will miss you this week...


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